Sponsorships & Advertising

Here are the sponsors who have signed up thus far, with more joining us each week:

We’ve also lined up top quality, regional TV, radio, print and online media partners, including: 


We offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses to promote their organizations before, during and after the Hockanum Brew Fest. Please click Hockanum Brew Fest sponsorship brochure compressed to view the PDF brochure and contact Drew Crandall, our Sponsorship & Promotions Manager, at hockanumbrewfest@keeptouch.com.

If you’re age 21-up, register today for the first Hockanum Brew Fest on Saturday, April 21, 2018! It’s a new, outdoor craft beer taste-testing experience nestled between the Hockanum River and the Hockanum Mill at 200 West Main Street in historic Rockville, CT.  Proceeds will go to several non-profits, including American Legion Rockville Post 14.  Please click Hockanum Brew Fest General Brochure compressed to open our PDF general brochure. 

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