We had a great first fest!

Our first Hockanum Brew Fest was a home run, from setup to the event to breakdown!

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The Hockanum Brew Fest is being organized by the Rockville Community Alliance.

Our brew fest organizing team consists of:

Jim Sendrak, Chairman and Artist Relations Manager, jimsendrak@comcast.net

Benjamin Klimczak, Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer_coordinator@hockanumbrewfest.com

Thomas DiDio, Brewer & Food Service Manager, thomas.didio@snet.net

William Breslau, Permitting & Licensing Coordinator

Dipen Shah, Alcohol Retailer / Wholesaler Relations

Shaun Gately, Town of Vernon Liaison

Drew Crandall, Sponsorship & Promotions Manager, hockanumbrewfest@keeptouch.com





We had a FANTASTIC brew fest on April 21. After we hit the pause button for a while, we’ll begin the process of ramping you for the second annual Hockanum Brew fest 2019!  Thanks to all who participated in one way, shape or form.


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